What is the Diet Plan for Reducing Fat at Home?

By Yukti Sharma - March 02, 2018

Hi Everyone..., Today I am here to discuss the diet plan's that you can follow so easily for reducing fat at home without any exercise... so here it is...

diet plan reduce fat


6.30 am-- Luke warm lemon water + Turmeric 1/2 tsp + cinnamon 1/2 tsp-- 2 glasses

10 mins -- Meditation

7 am-- 5/6 Almond ( soaked overnight ) + 1 tsp Flex seeds powder

Walk 30 min

8.30 am -- Breakfast  Oats & milk + Fruit or 1 plate Poha Or 2 Idli & 1 Katori Sambhar & 1 Cup Green Tea 

12.30 am-- Cucumber or Fruit _ Apple/Papaya 

1.30 pm-- Lunch 1 Katori Dal 1 Katori Sabji 1 Katori curd 2 Chapati/ Jowari Bhakhri / Bajara Bhakhri 1 plate salad 

4.00 pm-- Snack Handfull chana murmur & Buttermilk

 6.30 am – 3 Egg whites boiled 

8.00 pm-- Dinner Veg Oats 1 Bowl Or Vegetable Daliya 1 bowl Or Soup Clear Vegetable & Salad with Paneer or Chana Or 1 Jowari Bhakhri & 1 Katori Bhaji + Salad.

So, Guys, I share the starting diet plan for 7 days ... that will surely help you maintain your weight and reducing fat at home without going through any tough exercise. You have to follow it on zero sugar diet.

Track Your Calories-Your body suffers more if you take more calories. So count it each and every time whenever you eat food.its very necessary for fat reducing.

Increase your water intake- water is best for the body as it improves the quality of digestion.
as we know that the body has 70% water. so if we want to reduce fat at home then water is the best way of reducing the fat from the body because it helps to regulate the blood flow and maintain the body temperature.

Eat fewer salty foods. Better to avoid salty foods at home or also from the market. whenever we want to have some junk foods or spicy food that doesn't help to maintain the body fat but in side effect it add some extra calories to the body. so less we eat spicy eat the more healthy we become. This will help you to reduce fat at home without any exercise.

reduce fat at home

Step up your vegetable consumption-Veggies especially green veggies are good for health. green veggies like spinach, cucumber, Loki etc. sprouts are also healthy for our body the more we eat veggies the more body digestion system will improve.

Remove temptation from your home-It can be hard to resist yourself from a bag of chips or a sweet treat when the craving hits you at home. if you want to burn fat at home, you should avoid high-calorie sweets or foods. Additionally, the nutritional value of spicy and junk food is so poor and by switching to healthier foods you can improve your overall nutrition and also the body. You might consider eating for reducing fat at home:

  • Berries
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Kale chips
  • Hummus

reducing fat at home

Dine only on a plate- Try to eat on one plate and especially in dark colour plates if you want to reduce fat at home without any exercise. when we eat at dark colour plates we take less quantity food and also we know about the food we take and we never ignore that but in the light colour plates we take more food quantity and that will be not good for our health. so if you want to achieve your goal then you have to dine only on one plate. and our hunger also satisfied with it.

Keep a regular eating schedule- Regular meals with reasonable portions will help you get into the habit of healthy living. less portion you eat at different interval of timing will also be satisfied your hunger as well as good for the digestion system too. 

 These are the Best way to Reduce fat at home without any Exercise.......

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