By Yukti Sharma - March 08, 2018

Lifestyle was introduced in 1950 as a derivative of “Style of Art”.A Healthy lifestyle reflects an individual attitude, a way of life, values or worldview. Lifestyle is based on the person to person how they live their life and enjoy it completely.
  •   Life + Style i.e it's your life it's your style.
  •   The style/styles that you are comfortable with.
healthy lifestyle

Indian style is so much dissimilar and complex as compared to other countries from the Himalayas to the land of the south and from hot deserts to cool forest hills.,Indian lifestyle clearly exists differently all over the region. The food, clothes, language every habit of the lifestyle of an Indian are unique in accordance with the place of the origin.

healthy lifestyleA style a way of living is Without harming anyone or themselves.
 Sometimes I see that most of the people while they are poor or rich they have their own terms of living. one person who is so rich afford luxurious life. But on the other hand, a poor man can't afford it but…., but he knows how to live his life too and he enjoys it too... both have their own problems own issues but the lifestyle is all about enriching other people’s lives and I heard that there is a lot of tons enjoyment hidden in it. That's called a healthy lifestyle.

 Costly branded things will work same as low-cost things .. if I am taking an example here a million dollar watch as we wear that it simply made to tell us the time and that same watch that came in 5 to 10 dollar it also made to telling  us the time.., So what will be the difference between them..!!?? It's just a thinking of human being … you can easily be satisfied by the same thing that came at a low-cost price too.

A normal person can easily enjoy his/her life without going through any high lifestyle. I saw many peoples they just need simple clothes to wear and a simple food to eat And they enjoy it without any tension or any problem. the way of living a healthy lifestyle needs:=
·        Dress comfortably, neat clean, tidy.
·        Eat healthy food without going for fast food.
·        Do exercise or morning walk for a healthy lifestyle
·        Don’t use any A.C. open the window of your home/office.
·        Read books instead of using any social sites or less use it.
·        Books are the good friend of us it gives lots of information and makes a person smarter and intellectual.
·        Do some yoga it’s good for healthy lifestyle.yoga  that comes from the pre-Vedic Indian traditions.it is developed in sixth and fifth centuries BCE. Its good for the physical, mental and spiritually for our body.

·        Drinks lots of water, water helps to keep the body hydrated.
·        Make a timetable of your work.

healthy lifestyle

 Think, Ask, Search and Wonder for unfilling answers. And then your life becomes so easy to live. Never buy pets instead of adopting one u will never get bored and you will have a great company with love and that adopted one also have the same things + a good home to live for.

Listen to music, dance, fuel your body with positivity, happiness, joy. Make time for yourself work on yourself physically as well as mentally.your health and your healthy lifestyle cannot be destroyed by anyone except you. Learn about new things, be creative, adventures as we heard that knowledge have a great power.., the more you know the more effective your life will become. you will be happier, more satisfied, less worried, and more confident.
healthy lifestyle

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