How to Beat the heat in style in Summer?

By Yukti Sharma - March 24, 2018

The Style will include both what’s on trend and what looks good on you. 
It is not uniform for everyone. The style suit others may not suit you. So, know your own body structure, size, style, clothes, colour, pattern, neckline, or full length, etc. So here we will talk about how to beat the heat in style in summer...
beat the heat in style in summer

Every part of the dress can change the whole feeling when you wear it. To be perfect, I suggest some formal styles for girls Everytime the Noble sense wins the look. It’s an art to be comfortable and carry well what you're wearing. If you're not very sure about your personal style statement, you can use these tips to beat the heat in style in summer:-
  • A little study on the internet for trends. I look out for Global ones. 
  •  You can check out Spring Summer 2018 trends for men and women, which will tell you the major elements to look out for- marine stripes, monochrome, tropic prints Etc.
  • Check out the popular bloggers in and around your city. Try often have a good style statement.
  • Imagine yourself wearing these clothes before actually going to the point of sale.
  • When you're ready with your analysis and imagination workout, go and try stuff. 
  • See how you find yourself in that attire. Wear it with confidence and keep on searching and developing your sense of style.beat the heat in style in summer
Wear a dress that no one has. Or at least no one around you has seen before. That’s Category one style.

Next, assure that the dress is not in full-blown fashion trend right now. Because everyone would be wearing it and it would just be like wearing a costume. Choose a dress that is in stage 2 of a trend picked up.

Don’t overexpose. Keep the secret within and let those around guess.

The material is important, too. Even if you just have one layer, you won't be comfortable if that one layer is designed to hold heat. Lighter cotton is usually a safety risk. Polyester can be even better to beat the heat in summer. 

It's not a bad thing if you always look like you're on your way to a workout--because, honestly, walking outside might as well be one. Cotton is very suitable material to wear in summer to beat the heat its lightweight and it can easily absorb all the sweat.

beat the heat in style in summer

Colour makes a difference. Light-coloured clothing reflects heat, dark-coloured clothing absorbs it. So in summer I always prefer to wear light colour clothes so that it can reflect the heat and make you cool and stylish in the summer.

The sun isn't just hot, it's bright. It's no fun looking all day long with the sun in your eyes. It's deserving it to get some sunglasses or a good cap to help you see comfortably. This is especially true if you have to travel into the sun. 

beat the heat in style in summer

Yes.., you're going to sweat in summer. If you spend any time outside, your body will need a little extra cooling. Just be aware of that as you go through your day. Then apply deodorant by using that you can easily beat the heat as well as you will look stylish in summer.

 Realize that you may have to change shirts, t-shirts, top multiple times (especially if you're outside). Try to avoid those not-dark but not-white colours that most show your underarm spots. If you're headed to the office, opt for the white dress shirt over the business-blue with that you can look stylish and beat the heat in summer.

Stay hydrated in Summer

beat the heat in style in summer

Eat hydrated fruits like watermelon, litchi, grapes, orange and cucumber too. they are highly useful in summer and they maintain the water level in our body. drink water 2 litter daily in summer. A drink made from lemon juice, mint leaves, cucumber slices is a great source to keep you hydrated in the summer drink it daily.
Avoid prepared drinks as most drinks contain high-fructose corn syrup or synthetic sweeteners, unnatural flavours and food colouring.

Finally, carry yourself with style. Walk with positive energy, chin up, smile and give a firm handshake during a greeting

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