How To Take Care of Skin | Hair in Summer?

By Yukti Sharma - March 16, 2018

Hello Everyone..., As the summer season starts the problem with skin and hairs also starts with many of us...
The Sun-rays are on the peak in the summer and the UV ray tends to damage the skin and hair. So now say goodbye to your winter skin care and hair care regime. Now.,Here I am going to talk about the best way to take care of our skin as well as hairs in summer.

skin care in summer

Protect your skin:- By wearing the best sunscreen lotion with SPF 30+. If you are planning to go out and spend some time then you have to take care of the skin by applying the sunscreen in every 2 hours so it can prevent the skin damage from the UV rays. wear a Scarf or you can use an umbrella to keep the sun from harming the skin directly.

Soothe the skin:- Apply aloe vera gel to soothe redness. Stay away from the Harsh soaps that remove the natural oil from the skin. Use cool water for washing the face.apply some soothing retinol based moisturizer in the night. It prevents premature wrinkles.

skin care in summer

Protect the eyes:-The skin around the eyes are too sensitive and so thin before going out from the home you should use sunglasses and under eye cream which will hydrate, nourish and protect the skin from the sun.

Hydrate yourself for skin care:-Drink a plenty of water to hydrate yourself from inside out. women must drink 6-8 glasses of water where the men must drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. This is one of the easiest ways to take care of skin in summer.

skin care in summer

Reduce the consumption of junk food:- Here we all love the fast-junk food but that is contain so many spices and fatty oils that disbalance the digestive system of our body. Better to avoid junk and eat more healthy fruits, juices, and green veggies for caring your skin and hairs in summer.

Avoid wearing heavy makeup for skin care:-Careful with your skin in summer if you wear a heavy makeup then your skin pores get clogged, sweat, sebum. That will increase the acne and pimples problem and host of another skin issues.

Avoid Scrubbing:- In summer our skin becomes so much sensitive. So better to avoid scrubbing the skin with harsh soaps. Be gentle with your skin.

skin care in summer

Summer skin care Tips:-Those who have Dry skin avoid creamy or oily based facewash. Those who have combination skin have oily T-zone can reduce it by the glycerin-based product. Those who have oily skin use oil-based products.

Now I am going to talk about the caring of hair in summer

So.., If you have so much beautiful bouncy healthy hairs. but when the summer season comes to your hair become so fizzy, lifeless, dry. there is no sign of bouncy and healthy hairs ..? Ryt? okay, this happens because of the high humidity in the atmosphere that settles on your hair and weights it down.

Avoid so many cosmetics for Haircare:- Well this is the hottest season and it already dried and weighted down your hair and cause so much damage to your hair. So better to avoid colouring, straightening, and heating your hair with so many chemicals based product.

hair care in summer

Hair care with conditioner:- when the sun rays are drying out your hair make sure you are helping them to restore it back. Use a good herbal conditioner to your hair that will protect your hair from the sun. Before going out use some scarfs to cover your hair.

Hair care with shampoo:-In summer so much some peoples tend to spend so much sweat on the scalp and that will make hair so much greasy and sweaty. go for a mild herbal shampoo that is especially good in summer. too much shampooing your hair is not good so make sure use it only on the scalp but not on the hair.

hair care in summer

Avoid Heat and Trim them regularly:- Well in summer so much heat is present outside so better to avoid too much heat in your hair that will make them so dry and they will break it down. Go for a cool blow dryer and when you see so much split ends and dead dry tips trim them regularly summer is the ideal time to give yourself a new look. but if you don't want short hairs to try to trim them at least once in a month and it will bring back life to your hair.

 Sun protection:-In summer if you spend so much time to work outdoors. then use a good hair care product with a good amount of SPF in it either you can use  herbal hair mask that is specially made for hairs like heena,ritha,aawla,shikkai,bhringraj or aloe vera gel with vitamin E. It will increase your hair growth prevent split ends and also protect your hair from the sun.

Drink fluids:- Drink water, juice, milk and keep hydrated yourself that will give so much benefit to your skin as well as your hair too in summer.

hair care in summer

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