By Yukti Sharma - March 09, 2018

Sarojini  Nagar market {SN} is a neighbourhood in south-west Delhi India. It is serviced by the INA Delhi metro station. This is one of the places in the city to buy clothes and fabrics and accessories and many more things.

sarojini nagar market

As it is located in the west Delhi a large number of shops are inclined there in wide streets which sell garments of all designs, size, colours at very affordable prices.
Most of the 90% of shops are family owned. Sometimes this market is called girls market too. Girls love to go there any do shopping at very reasonable cheap cost with various design colours and size.

This market is shopping paradise for the girls.one of the biggest market in Delhi and most important with trendy clothes at cheap prices.you can get every stylish clothes, designer bags, fashionable jewellery here.you will never get disappointed here.

And the most important part is that you can do as much as bargaining you like.

  •      This is the first market in Delhi where girls can get the biggest brand like Zara, mango, Vera Moda, Tree of life, Aldo, Guess, Mufti at a very ¼ of its original price.
    sarojini nagar market
  •    If you want some trendy, designer fashionable clothes Sarojini Nagar market is best to get the mind-boggling variety of cuts, styles and colours.
  •     You can get a variety of jewellery junks, handcuffs, bangles, earrings, and neck pieces.
  •    Now the hair accessories also a part of fashion for girls statement you can get a lot of quality of hair accessories here.
  •      After spending lots of time shopping you need to have some food. There is also some good food stalls where you can eat whatever you like. The dlf square mall is present in the market that is the great place to eat all your favourites like dominos, subway,haldiram, Macdonald.
    sarojini nagar market
  •      The main thing about Sarojini Nagar market is that if you want a new fresh stock you have to be there on weekdays.
  •     Lots of variety of shoes, slippers, wedges, stilettoes, floaters, bellies you can get a lot of it.
  •     Here you can buy your home material too like the cushion, bed sheets, blanket, antique piece, flower pots, curtains etc.
  •     Lots of beauty products with different brands are also available here before buying them you just need to check the Genuity of the product.
  • The best market to do bargaining where girls bargaining sills are like” Bhaiya itne me doge ya jau” hahaha…!!  Yes, it is the Most effective line by girls to do bargaining with the shopkeeper.
No need to worry about the saving because this market is totally pocket-friendly.
Sarojini Nagar market is open from Tuesday to Sunday and the timings of this market are 10 AM  TO  9 PM for shopping. 
sarojini nagar market

  • Entry fee for this market is free.
  • This market is closed on Mondays.

How to reach the Sarojini Nagar market.

If you are living in Delhi or nearby you can take an auto to reach there to cover the entire distance to Sarojini Nagar market. But if you are living too far from this market the best way to take the metro to INA on the yellow line towards HUDA CITY CENTER.
  • ·        Before going to this market make a plan
  • ·        Use a map

  • ·     Sarojini  Nagar market is too crowded so better to avoid the crowd if you want to buy your favourite items.
  • ·        Check all your items you bought from there or you are going to buy.
  •      Yes, it is called as girls market … but don’t worry guys …for Men who like to dress to impress, La Mode and Cantabil are great outlets to buy.you can get excellent deals And now throughout the year some of the stalls sell man wear like t-shirts, shirt, trousers,capree, watch, tie, purse and many more things.

Beware of the street vendors. They cheat so easily. So please before buying the items from them check it fully.

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