What are the benefits of eating oats and how it is healthy?

By Yukti Sharma - May 12, 2018

The whole grains council in the USA has names oats their grain of the month. Oats also are known as Avena sativa in the scientific world, has always been a favourite when it comes to breakfast. 
We speak to experts about what makes this grain so popular among fitness enthusiasts.

benefits of eating oats


Reduces cardiac problems:

Oats contain a fibre called beta-glucan and help lower cholesterol level it reduces bad cholesterol without affecting the levels of good cholesterol. Oats are rich in magnesium which helps to prevent heart attack and stroke.

Reduces constipation:

Oats contain both soluble and insoluble fibre and therefore helps to relieve constipation.

Fight cancer:

Oats can prevent rectal and colon cancer. Avenanthramides and special compounds present in oats were found to inhibit the growth of cancer cells without harming the healthy cells.

Constant blood pressure:

eating healthy oats

Improve immunity:

Beta-glucan in oatmeal can enhance your immunity level in an individual suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome or physical or emotional stress.

Helps to reduce weight:

Oats can help to regulate body weight. It makes one feel satisfied for a longer period. Prefer plain oats compare to flavoured oats.

Strong Bones:

Silicon mineral present in oats, which play role in bone formation and maintenance, treatment for post-menopausal osteoporosis.

Sleep Quality:

The amino acid in oats helps to produce melanin, the chemical that induces sleep.

benefits of eating healthy oats
It is advisable to avoid easy-to-cook or ready-to-eat oats since it contains preservatives, sodium and hidden sugar which increases the risk of heart disease and kidney disease in patients. The dietician also says there are certain categories of people who stay away from it.
“Patients with gastrointestinal issues such as bloating, reflux disease or any other inflammatory conditions should avoid oats, it can be very irritating to one’s gastrointestinal tract due to the lectins and phytic acid which contributes to inflammation,”
Therefore, those with weak stomachs should stay off oats if they find any unpleasant symptoms upon consuming it.

Best Oats Brands In India

1. Quaker Oats.
2. Saffola Oats.
3. Kellogg’s Oats.
4. Bagrry’s White Oats.
5.  Saffola oats Patanjali oats/Sri oats ayurvedic, KOSH.


Experts say that oats are one of the most balanced breakfasts for school going children.
“Oats makes for a nutrient-dense breakfast that supplies certain vitamins and minerals that support your child’s growth and development. A bowl of oat is filling and provides your child with long-lasting energy. “
You can add chopped fruits or nuts to oats to add to the taste and make it look more appealing.

healthy oats

Enhance the taste of plain oats with ingredients such as fruits, nuts, honey, raisins, almond, walnuts, etc. They provide natural sweetness and added fibre. Sliced bananas fresh chopped apples can also be added to oats as they will add vitamin C to the breakfast as children are fussy to eat plain oats. 


The only way to eat oats for breakfast. The non-flattened, steel-cut oats, soaked overnight in hot water and cooked up in the morning into pearly, 
chewy grains of utter whole-grain nirvana. Here's how to cook steel-cut oatmeal.

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