What are the best health and fitness tips for men ?

By Yukti Sharma - May 21, 2018

Yet it’s obviously important that men of all ages become more proactive about their health and fitness. And an easy way to start is to follow these 10 basic tips to maintaining health and vitality for men.

Make it a Habit of Exercise– Remove the thinking element. Take a Potent Daily Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement. Although there is no substitute for a good diet. If you can make exercise a habit of your daily life and you include it in your routine, then it becomes that much easier to go. Here are some tips on making habits stick if you aren’t sure where to start.

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Get Past Your Comfort Zone – So what if you aren’t the most svelte or muscular person in the gym? Self-consciousness can be a big obstacle to enjoying your workout. The key is to get used to it. When you continue to show up, you’ll pay less attention to the people around you and more to your workout. 

 Music/motivational videos – This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but music can enhance a workout. I find running almost twice as enjoyable with music than without it. 

Daily Challenges – Make your workout into a game. Sticking with the same type of exercises can get boring, so mix it up by introducing an unusual workout challenge. 
Take charge of your health by incorporating these 10 steps into your life. The rewards of optimal health and well-being will be well worth your efforts.
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Men’s Longevity “To Do” List

1. Eliminate “white foods” from your diet.
2. Stay away from dangerous trans fats.
3. Take a daily vitamin-mineral supplement.
4. Incorporate weight training into your exercise routine.
5. Maintain your optimal weight.
6. Drink alcohol only in moderation.
7. Protect your prostate.
8. Reduce your risk of prostate cancer.
9. Maintain vigorous sexual function.

There are different parameters to measure your overall health fitness like some listed below

1. Eat well;.- Try to consume nutritious food at least two times per day. Don’t eat food while watching television. Try to have a proper breakfast and a light dinner.
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2. Exercise regularly;- Give a minimum of one hour to work out in your daily routine. Better to play an outdoor game or join a club.

3. Learn how to Manage Stress;- The most common problem every people have in their life is “stress”. Instead of hiding from or ignoring your problems, face them and deal with it like a warrior. Nothing relieves anxiety faster than action!

4. Enjoy the Present.- Give some time for yourself in your daily life. Do those things which really make you happy and bring a smile to your face. It will keep you fresh throughout your life.
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5. Find your work-life balance.

6. Get enough sleep.

7. Develop Relationships;-  Always make others feel your presence while you are in a crowd. Take participation in conversations and share your interest with others. Try to find out the people with common interests so that you can explore yourself in that.

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8. Develop a good opinion of Yourself;- Try doing 5-minute meditations a few times a week, if not daily. This really has a long-lasting impact on the overall health of an individual as well as on your mental health too.

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